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Professional Photography vs Stock Images?

It's not a myth that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But, did you know that custom photography is worth so much more! This is especially true when it comes to your company website which is the first thing that your potential customers go to "check out" when they see your ad or hear about you from somewhere.

Bespoke photography plays a big role in showing your visitors who you are as a business and a brand.

Your website is the home base of your business. It's the single most effective + valuable marketing tool where you can engage with your customers, showcase your products, and promote your services.

I'm a strong believer that a website should include custom images that showcase specifically your brand and what sets your business apart from your competition.

Custom photography, with images of your team, products, events, and daily activities should be front and center on your website. Custom images always look more professional, natural, and have a more cohesive look than stock photos.

According to studies uncovered by Psychologist Jerome Bruner, website viewers only remember

  • 10% of things they hear,

  • 20% of what they have read, and

  • around 80% of things they see or do.

What does this mean for you and your website? To put it simply, images on your website should engage and connect with your visitors because it's much easier for people to recall what we saw.

An eye-tracking study (by Nielsen Norman Groups) showed that using detailed photos (including custom photos) is more attractive than including a more generic, stock image.

If your site is visually appealing and has custom images that are unique to your brand - people are more likely to be able to recall YOUR business above all others.

Now that we understand the importance of custom imagery and how the brain remembers it - I'd like to talk about the reasons why custom photography will help your business succeed.

Custom photographs on your website will help in the following ways:

  1. They will position your business as a unique entity with your own signature style and brand look. This helps to add credibility and make your business stand out among competitors.

  2. The overuse of stock photos on your site is, unfortunately, risky as your competitors can choose the same photos from the online stock sources. Customers want to see YOUR team, products, locations, etc. and will most likely choose the business that they perceive as "transparent" or, in other words, that's got nothing to hide and shows you actual images of who they are.

  3. Professional photography can provide a cohesive look and feel on your entire website which also adds credibility and showcases your unique brand style.


Want a unique website that tells YOUR story?

Contact Annaсo Studio today to see how we can make that happen!


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